Green and Environmental Analytical chemistry

Analytical method needs solvents, reagents, energy, and it creates the waste The use of analytical chemistry techniques and methodologies that reduce or eliminate solvents, reagents, preservatives, and other chemicals that are hazardous to human health or the environment and that also may enable faster and more energy efficient analyses without compromising required performance criteria Green chemistry, is the invention, design and application of chemical products and processes to reduce or to eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances. Solid-phase microextraction is a solid phase extraction sampling technique that involves the use of a fibre coated with an extracting phase.

  • Solid-phase microextraction
  • Solid-phase extraction
  • Greening through Screening
  • Cloud Point Extraction
  • Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) and Superheated Water Extraction
  • Microwave-Assisted Extraction
  • Greening Signal Acquisiton
  • Green Energy and Sustainable development
  • Green chemistry
  • Environmental Monitoring

Green and Environmental Analytical chemistry Conference Speakers

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